A Percussion Performance Learning Center


RATAMACUE, the place, is a percussion performance learning center where the art of playing percussion (aka drums) and the art of being a percussionist are taught at the highest level.  Ratamacue is a learning center, not a music store. 

The studio is equipped with all the instruments needed to learn the percussion craft:

          The mallet instruments – marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, bells, and timpani

          Drums – too many to mention but whatever we need – we have!

          Hand percussion instruments – tambourine, triangle, cymbals of all kinds,

                   maracas, claves, shakers, and the list goes on…..

The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed, and although highly professional, very welcoming for all ages.

Ratamacue, the history:  From The Top Studios, ltd started in 1996 and opened its first commercial space as Ratamacue on Larkfield Road in 1998.  In 2006, the studio was moved to our current location.  


JUDE ST. GEORGE, the teacher, is a professional musician and master teacher at Ratamacue.  Jude has a bachelors degree in music along with the esteemed Performer’s Certificate only awarded to those who can complete the extensive performing requirements.   Prior to opening Ratamacue, Jude saw the need for percussionists/drummers to have a specialized learning environment in order to get the complete training to truly be a percussionist.   After trying to work with the local music stores to raise the level of their drum/percussion instruction, Jude found that they just weren’t interested.  Drumset instruction was all they wanted and therefore Ratamacue was born!

Jude’s philosophy in teaching first and foremost is respect.  This creates a comfortable atmosphere for all students (no matter what age) and the learning begins.  Adding in some fun with a mix of technique, along with the tough task of reading music and playing on all the percussion instruments, and a new percussionist is now on their way.  Jude is also in contact with many of the area music teachers and therefore has the pulse of what is expected from the students and provides support for the students and parents accordingly.  As a measurement of success, Jude’s students score extremely high on their NYSSMA (New York State School of Music Association) solos each spring and many of Jude’s students have also gone on to a career in music and are now teachers and/or performers themselves.  The beat goes on……