A Percussion Performance Learning Center

2017 SCMEA All-County Percussion Ensemble

Congratulations to Ratamacue students Luke B. and Luke P. for being selected to perform with the 2017 SCMEA All-County Percussion Ensemble!  They will be performing at the SCMEA Day of Percussion Friday, February 10th, 2017 at Mount Sinai High School.  This is a very exciting evening of percussion starting at 4:30pm and all percussionists are invited to attend.  A big round of applause for the two Lukes!!!

All State 2016

A big congratulations to our student Luke B. for having the esteemed honor of playing timpani with the NYSSMA All State Wind Ensemble December 3rd, 2016 at the Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre in Rochester, NY.  In order to be consider for the All State ensembles, you have to perform a NYSSMA All State level solo for a judge in the Spring of the prior year.  Last spring Luke received a perfect score on his timpani solo and a 98 on his snare drum solo.  A very proud moment!  CONGRATULATIONS LUKE!

Star Shine 2016

Congratulations to Ratamacue students Luke, Erica, and Luke for a fine performance of "Rockaway" by Murray Houllif at the Star Shine Talent Show at the Patchogue Theatre on April 10th, 2016.   "Rockaway" featured some precise timing between our three very talented percussionists and body percussion at its finest!!  Check out the video at :   www.facebook.com/RatamacueEastNorthport....


Congratulations to all the RATAMACUE students who participated in NYSSMA this year.

 Here are the results (in no particular order): 

Mallet Solos:

             Justin - Level 4  Outstanding!!

             Luke P - Level 3   Outstanding!!

 Michael - Level 1  Outstanding!!

 Erica - Level 4   Excellent!!

 Timpani Solos:

             Luke B - Level 6   A+ !!

             Patrick - Level 6    A  !!

 Snare Drum Solos:

             Lina - Level 1  Outstanding!!  Perfect score!

             Michael - Level 1   Outstanding!!

             Patrick - Level 6  A+ !!  

 Luke B - Level 5    A !!

 Olivia - Level 5   A- !!

 Sean - Level 5   A !!

 Brandon - Level 4   Excellent!!

 Erica - Level 5   Excellent!!

 Luke P - Level 4  Outstanding!!

Jazz Drum Set Solos

 Luke P -  Level 3   Outstanding!!



Ratamacue Update

Well things have certainly been busy here at Ratamacue with NYSSMA prep in full swing, many of our students are involved in their school musicals, and new students coming on board and entering the incredible world of percussion!  Very exciting on all levels!  To add even more adventure..... 8 Ratamacue students performing as an ensemble auditioned for the Star Shine Youth Talent Search and won the opportunity to perform at Patchogue Theatre on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 at 3pm.   This is no ordinary percussion ensemble however.....this is the first ever (for Ratamacue) Garbage Can Ensemble performing "Stinkin' Garbage" by Ed Argenziano!!!  Check out the video on our facebook page:  www.facebook.com/RatamacueEastNorthport .... Congratulations to our students (in order of appearance) :  Justin, Dan, Luke, Erica, Andrew, Brandon, Sean, and Luke!!!!!!

2014 Ratamacue Summer Camp

Our 2014 Ratamacue Summer Camp was a great success this year!  The end of camp concert featured works by Murray Houllif, Dave Mancini, Mitchell Peters, and even our own Ratamacue arrangements.  Special mention to all our performers who provided an amazing concert performance for all!  CONGRATULATIONS!!  Keep on eye out for pictures coming soon.....